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What are progressive web apps

Thursday, November 2nd, 2017 by Servage
web-appThe term progressive web app (PWA) is a hot trend right now. It all started back in 2015 and quickly became popular due to the advantages it offers over traditional mobile applications. But what is a progressive web application? How does it differ from a typical mobile or web application? Let’s find out what the term PWA actually means and what makes an application a progressive web application. The Definition of Progressive In one sentence, a progressive web application is a website that looks and works like a mobile application. Modern HTML5 and CSS3 features allow developers to replicate many of the features native applications can do: storing data locally, using animations to ...

Choosing between responsive and adaptive design

Friday, November 27th, 2015 by Servage
responsive-adaptible-designWhen building a website today there is almost no question about if it should be made responsive or not. It makes sense to adapt websites to the device they are being used on, and thereby improve the user's experience significantly. However, as soon as you begin discussing how you want to adapt the site to different devices and how that responsiveness should actually be implemented, then you run into some general decisions you need to make. Now, responsive and adaptable are different things. It is important to understand the difference because it makes you able to consciously choose the method that is best for your given scenario. Note that responsive and adaptable are ...

Foundations to speed up a responsive website

Thursday, September 25th, 2014 by Servage
Lay Foundation to Increase Page Load SpeedResponsive websites with minimum load times are needed at the moment. Simple face-liftings are not enough to bring down load time considerably. In fact we need to perform a solid group of measures to reduce load-time, so let us see what can be done. When developing a great website in terms of features, functionality, and user experiences a dependency on many plugins, extensions, and scripts pose a big threat to our website in sense of unexceptionally high load time. It may seem like the foundation of the site is increasingly rotten, as load times increase with every new feature or plugin added to the site. Developers blood pressure rises, and revamping the ...

Handle images in responsive web design

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014 by Servage
Presently, responsive web design still struggles to find great solutions for managing images and related reflow problems. Some web designers have made decent attempts to escape reflow problems as we will see in this post. To deal effectively with responsive web design, we need to first concentrate on the images because they consume a greater amount of memory; hence, slower downloading. There are plenty of ways, however, to reduce image weight, but none are effective enough to keep a balance between size and resolution. The reason is simple, when you lower image weight in KBs, your images will show pixilation or render in odd ways on bigger screens. Possible Remedies One issue we ...