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Common design-patterns explained

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017 by Servage
design-patternsDesign patterns are used in software design to overcome common problems. For instance, what if you need a class that handles all database connections and you want to be able to create only one instance of that class? This is where design patterns are handy. They help you solve common design problems with universal solutions that you can also find in other applications. Singleton Pattern Let’s start with a simple pattern. Singleton is a design pattern whose purpose is to keep only one instance of a class. This way, there is no need to instantiate a new object every time you call a method. A singleton class can be created by making the constructor ...

Developer tricks for Coda

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016 by Servage
codaThe programming and code editor called Coda is very popular among Mac users. It offers a range of useful tools and makes programming web applications a breeze. It works nicely for editing HTML, Javascript, CSS and many other programming languages. In this article some features of Coda will be highlighted, which are improving the developer experience even further. Group sites for better overview You can set up sites in coda which holds the settings for a particular website or project. However, often you end up having multiple sites for each project. I.e. you have multiple local or deployment environments, or similar. It could also be multiple sites relating to the same customer, or ...