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Jumpstart your jQuery plugin development

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010 by Servage
I stumbled over a very usefull service called "Starter" which helps you quickly jumpstart your jQuery plugin development. After specifying a few simple settings for your plugin, it creates a ready-to-use plugin code, so you don't have to do all the basics over and over again for each plugin you develop. See it here: Very usefull and intuitive! There should be many more such little helpers out there :-) Starter follows the general guidelines for plugin development and adds a few more of it's own. It's a nice way to build your plugins' basic structure, and the concept could almost be regarded as a jQuery Plugin Framework.

Innovation creates great web services

Thursday, September 30th, 2010 by Servage
When you look at the available web services out there, one can get seriously overwhelmed. Both developers and users are faced with an enourmous amount of  applications. What should you create as a developer looking for a new project? Which service should you use for a specific need as a user? It's hard to say, and there are even web services trying to help you to understand and pick the best web services... It's not easy to identify needs which others might have, an trying to fulfill them by creating a web application. Many developers dream of success, but end up copying or just slightly modifying existing ideas. How many social ...

The world goes dark again

Saturday, March 27th, 2010 by Servage
Earth Hour - LogoThe World Wildlife Foundation is asking the world to shut of their lights for the Earth Hour again. We take the opportunity for a reminder in the 11th hour. In their Media Centre they have released the following information for the start of the Earth Hour out East in Australia. Earth Hour’s founding city of Sydney, Australia has helped launch the 2010 event with another resounding participation in the now-global call for a more harmonious relationship between humans and nature. The event in Sydney was heralded – as usual – with the lights going out on the Sydney Harbor Bridge and Opera House with other major landmarks in State capitals ...