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Free fonts for contemporary web designers

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 by Servage
Free Fonts Text is a core part of any website or mobile application. Textual content delivers messages effectively with familiarity and ease. Text renders on all devices and is a key component in the designing process, via content layouts. Text is made up of fonts, its styles, and special characters. Therefore, fonts are an underlying element of all written content. If you intend to decorate your web page or mobile application UIs, you need access to proper font families and their variants. For instance, a large font size and bold weight is ideal text for headers, titles, and sub-titles. Italic fonts add visual emphasis to words or phrases and look robust, when used judiciously. ...

Using Google fonts and styles on your site

Friday, June 21st, 2013 by Servage
As a tutorial, this topic is relatively easy. For those with a familiarity with CSS syntax, it is a basic two-step process with options for stylizing the fonts. This article is aimed at those who may not be so versed in HTML and CSS, and who really want to use any of the 600+ fonts from Google on their own site. In a previous article, we provided a most comprehensive overview of the user interface on the Google Fonts domain. And in that piece, we promised to review the “Use” portion as well as other areas that aid in implementing selected fonts on a site. The “Use” portion is actually ...