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Google receives 2.4m requests to delete search results

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018 by Helge
trashGoogle received 2.4 million requests since 2014 to delete search-engine results under Europe’s “right to be forgotten” (RTBF) rules. European Union citizens currently have the right to ask search engines to remove results that include their names following a landmark decision from the European Court of Justice in 2014. The search giant released an updated version of its annual Transparency Report, which discloses how many and what kind of requests Google has received to delist pages from results and in how many instances the company complied. According to the report, it looks like the company is being asked to remove plenty of content. From 2014-2017, it received more then 2.4 million requests. ...

The do’s and don’ts of email marketing campaigns

Sunday, July 17th, 2016 by Servage
email-marketingEmail marketing campaigns are great ways to keep in touch with your current and potential new clients and to send your messages or your latest offer. But crafting the right email, that will appeal to all your subscribers or client base is not as easy as it sounds. The way we send emails has changed a lot over time, mostly because people have gotten used to ignoring advertising email. Every business needs to find a way to pique its audience’s interest and make people open another email. Even though you can find a lot of great information about email marketing campaigns with a simple Google search, you will never find the exact answers to ...

Use a customer persona to understand your users better

Tuesday, June 28th, 2016 by Servage
customer-personaCustomer persona, also called buyer persona or marketing persona, refers to creating a fictional character that bring together all the characteristics of your ideal customer. Creating a customer persona is an important step in determining your target audience, not only because it provides a lot of insights on your audiences' demographics and interests, but also because it can hold the key to how you can promote your brand and product online in the most effective way, using the right channel and approach for your website, social media ads etc. Set your customer persona apart from the competition Creating an effective customer persona doesn’t refer to simply writing down in a persona template information ...

How to define your target audience

Sunday, June 12th, 2016 by Servage
target-audienceIt is not easy to make your business stand out, especially in a busy marketplace. Even though we have a lot more tools at our disposal to get a business message across multiple platforms, the competition is as fierce as ever. But the competition is not the only reason why people are not reacting to your message. If you feel that marketing efforts are in vain, and no matter how hard you are trying to get in front of your customers they do not seem to care, then you are probably dealing with another problem: You are not targeting the right audience. The first thing you should know is that no matter what ...

Use statistics to improve your web results

Friday, October 23rd, 2015 by Servage
statisticsAwareness of your users' needs is the starting point for any improvement. This information can be gathered from multiple sources, e.g. satisfaction surveys or questionnaires. Instead of being gathered specifically, it could also be collected during more natural interfaces with customer, e.g. during support requests. However, it is also very meaningful to gather this information systematically based on users' behavior, and nothing is more clear than raw statistics data from users' behaviour on your site. You may already be collecting this type of information, but are you also using it? Really using it? Meaning that it is nice to look at visitor numbers and most popular sites on an analytics page, but what does it ...

Powerful dashboards enrich your business optimization

Saturday, May 10th, 2014 by Servage
Real-time Dashboard Modern businesses are marching ahead with help from the latest technological innovations. Scrappy entrepreneurs use the newest gadgets, like smartphones and tablets, to improve the performance of their business. Similar to an e-commerce business, many brick-and-mortar businesses have an online presence, while practicing mobile commerce, or m-commerce. Initially, local businesses just established their online presence for advertising only, with a few adding on means for location-finding purposes. Now, they’ve learned to use their sites or web apps to manage all customer affairs, as well as their internal staff correspondence. They may also have mobile apps integrated with their web services which offer insights for their business operations. This post speaks to the importance ...

Subdomain vs. Subdirectory – When to use what?

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013 by Servage
“The historical reasons why you might’ve wanted to go for a subdomain don’t really apply as much, and that leaves you with, okay both are on the same domain, overall, and so it’s really a question of which one is easier for you..” - Matt Cutts, Head of Google’s Webspam Team, Halloween 2012 With his brief message in late 2012, Cutts updated the ongoing dispute between between making use of subdomains and subdirectories. Google has basically made the two virtually equal in the SEO game, where previously subdomains were given an edge for the ability to provide a sense of unique linking. And so, we’re back to fundamentals. What is the case for ...

Visual collaboration for your projects

Sunday, July 1st, 2012 by Servage
Collaboration tools are not a rare sight online. Especially those related to project-management, trying to give you a framework for collaboration, tools etc. However, visual collaboration is moving into the market as well. It's for example already pretty great to code simultaneously with multiple developers in the same source file, while seeing changes in real time, for example with different colors. For design collaboration and exchanging conceptual ideas by adding elements, structures, text snippets etc. onto a table, the offline collaboration has been superior for a long time. But maybe this is changing with CanvasDropr, a tool which lets you work like this online. Essentially you get an area (canvas) ...