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Statistics – Analyze your website traffic (WordPress)

Wednesday, August 19th, 2020 by Helge
Wordpress_analyticsIn the previous blog (click HERE to read), we gave you information about what Google Analytics is and how to implement it on your webpage.  Many of our user are using Wordpress to host their content. Therfore, we like to give this extra blog about how to use Analytics with Wordpress. Please read the following to get an overview about how to implement Google Analytics with your Wordpress. There are basically two common ways in which you can integrate Google Analytics in Wordpress: Direct integration via the source code Integration via a plugin - probably the best option for beginners   1) Integrate Google Analytics: The way via the source code Fortunately, you do not need any ...

Creating prototypes for next-gen web apps

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014 by Servage
Click-Through Prototypes Web and mobile app designers make use of various tools to express their creative ideas in a project. They must convey these ideas during the design process to clients, as well as other team members, i.e. graphics designers, UX designers, programmers, and sometimes a testing team. More and more, this task of project communication is allocated to the UX designer, as complexities with design processing are increasing due to the advent of newer technologies and added intricacy in the project’s requirements. I have noticed that, historically, big teams and reputable companies use paper and/or whiteboards to draw wireframes and produce prototypes. This method seems natural enough for wireframe production, where design personnel ...

Organizing your code-snippets

Saturday, June 1st, 2013 by Servage
Snippets are a copy and paste coder’s best ally. These reusable, generally small bits of information aid in achieving function and minimizing need for repetition. A snippet manager is a tool for organizing and using code snippets to hopefully improve development workflow. While it’s possible to use something as simple as Google Docs or own makeshift method, it is generally not feasible when considering the features found with modern snippet managers. At same time, a good snippet manager need not be feature laden, as rapid search and implementation are the two biggest benefits for such a tool. Here are core features to consider for a snippet manager that will help ...