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Angular 4 Best Practices

Monday, October 2nd, 2017 by Servage
angularAngular is one of the most popular front-end frameworks. Developers sometimes prefer to use their own approach when it comes to naming conventions, whitespace usage, file structure and so on. However, if every developer chooses their own path to follow, managing a single code base in a team becomes quite challenging. To solve this, Angular has a set of rules that all developers should follow when working on an Angular project. Let’s have a look at those recommendations set by the team behind Angular. File Names Let’s start with file and directory naming conventions. By following the Angular naming conventions, you can easily identify what a file does just by looking at the ...

What’s New in Angular 2

Friday, July 1st, 2016 by Servage
angular2Angular 2 has been in a publicly available beta since December 2015. Angular is considered rather difficult to learn compared to alternatives such as React. Angular 2 makes it even more confusing with big changes to the framework. To clear out this confusion, this article explains the most significant changes made in version 2. Leaving controllers and directives behind One of the biggest changes in Angular 2 is a component-based way of building user interfaces. In Angular 1, user interfaces were built using controllers that were attached to HTML elements using directives, more specifically the ng-controller directive. This is not the case in Angular 2 where these two features are replaced with components. Introducing ...

The logic of Angular JS web applications

Saturday, November 7th, 2015 by Servage
angularMany developers new to Angular JS (or client-side Javascript development in general) are often struggling a bit with the understanding of the conceptual logic behind the development workflow and how things work together. Especially developers used to traditional server-side rendering will have to completely change their mindset. API-based The first thing to really understand is that client-side Javascript development is essentially an API-based development, because you are building a stand-alone Javascript application for the browser, which relies on data endpoints on your server. Essentially this is the same way of thinking when building native apps, or any other integrations. Forget about a traditional request which triggers a server-side script, which then renders and returns a ...

Create your website with AngularJS

Friday, October 9th, 2015 by Servage
AngularJSWe have recently presented Ember JS as one of the modern frameworks for building great web apps with current standards and technology. Today it is about Angular JS, which is a great alternative to Ember JS. Both frameworks have great capabilities and it would not be fair to focus on a single one of them, because there is no good reason why one of the two frameworks should be better than the other. Smart people say you need to choose the right tool for the job, and when it comes to Ember JS and Angular JS you have two great tools that can solve hard jobs. You will likely be happy with ...