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How to enable Cloudflare for your website hosted at Servage?

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2023 by Helge

Cloudflare is a CDN (content delivery network) – A system that acts as a proxy between your website visitors and our server. It helps people around the world to view your website information faster by placing multiple copies of your website’s data in coffee-desk-laptop-notebook proxy servers worldwide. This helps the user to load site faster as the browser will fetch the files from the closest physical located Cloudflare proxy server.

Cloudflare CDN also offers features like DDOS protection for the sites linked with them. Apart from this, you can also use Cloudflare free SSL on your site for more security.

Utilizing Cloudflare is the process of moving your domain’s DNS management to Cloudflare. You will have to ensure that you’re able to set up your domain’s Name Servers prior to moving, in case it having third party domain registrar instead You can find more in-depth info here.


Steps to set up DNS records for your domain in Cloudflare account


-Sign up with Cloudflare website by making registration on their official

-Once you have created an account with Cloudflare, you will be redirected to configuring your first domain name in their panel. You will need to enter your desired domain name which you would like to link with Cloudflare, and click on Add site:




-Also, make sure to choose free plan as they have other paid options too.




-The next screen will show that you’ll need to check your DNS settings and ensure that all of your current DNS settings are copied across. The following example has pulled across the default Server settings, however your domain might be different depending on what hosting and email settings you’ve set up.




-The next step is where you are provided with the Nameserver settings to modify for your domain. You’ll need to change them at your current registrar or under Servage panel (if registered at You find HERE the steps how to update the namserver via your Servage control panel.

- Nameservers usually takes approximately 12/24 hours to get update. It is possible to check if the nameservers have been updated.

- After the nameservers have been taken over, you’ll find website status under Cloudflare as Active and which indicates the nameservers are in the correct place and your website is now operating through Cloudflare.


Advantages and Optimization of the Cloudflare System


Enable Secured http with Cloudflare

Once your domain is operating on Cloudflare, we suggest that you follow steps to enable force HTTPS for your site. Here is the Cloudflare guide to enable https.

Full Page Caching

If you’re not concerned about tiny changes happening immediately However, if you’d wish for your complete website to be cached throughout the globe to speed up loading across all countries, take these additional steps.

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