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Archive for January, 2023

Customized error pages

Thursday, January 19th, 2023 by Helge
stop-icon-11 Custom error pages enable you to customize the pages that are displayed when an error occurs. Not only do they make your website more professional, they can also save you from losing visits to your site. If a visitor sees a generic error page, they are  likely to leave your site. However, if they see a helpful error page, they may continue to stay because they can simply click a link to go to another page within your site. An error page is often returned when a visitor attempts to access a page that doesn’t exist on your site. The two most common reasons a visitor ...

How to enable Cloudflare for your website hosted at Servage?

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2023 by Helge
Cloudflare is a CDN (content delivery network) - A system that acts as a proxy between your website visitors and our server. It helps people around the world to view your website information faster by placing multiple copies of your website's data in coffee-desk-laptop-notebook proxy servers worldwide. This helps the user to load site faster as the browser will fetch the files from the closest physical located Cloudflare proxy server. Cloudflare CDN also offers features like DDOS protection for the sites linked with them. Apart from this, you can also use Cloudflare free SSL on your site for more security. Utilizing Cloudflare is the process of moving your domain's ...