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How to adminstrate your files – Servage account filemanager

Wednesday, November 9th, 2022 by Helge


In this blog, we like to give you some information about the FileManager which is embedded in the cutomers control panel. This tool gives you options to adminstrate the files in your Servage account:

The FileManager can be found in your Servage account under “Files” -> “FileManager”. When you enter this section of your control panel, you can see an elaborated Tool which shows you:

A) The Directory Tree of the files in your Servage  on the left side.

B) On Top of the FileManager, you find a fancy tool bar which allows you to  adminstrate files (upload, download, alter, rename, change etc.) via the FileManager.




Here are some  examples of operations you can perform via this tool:

– – –

  • How to add files to the document root of my domain?
    • On the left side, you see the directory tree. Push on the domain name which you want to work on to see all folders which are associated to the domain
    • within the folder for the domain, you see the folder public_html. This folder is the root directory of your domain, put the files for your domain into this folder.
  • How to change the chmode and permissions
    • choose the folder or file for which you want to change the chmode/permissions
    • either click on the right mouse button: “Change (chmod) Rights (Folder/Files)” or on the key symbol in the tool bar
    • a new window opens and you can selet the owner, group and other permissions
    • push the green button “SAVE”
  • Make backup of your website files via FileManager
    • In the file manager, there is an option to compress the content, you can compress the contents and download to your local computer via FTP:
      • click on the domain for which you want to take the back up
      • click with the right mouse button on that folder and choose ‘Archive’
      • a new window opens and you can choose the name of the archive File, the compressing type and where you want to store the archive.

If you don’t want to make a archive file of the complete folder, you can also make a copy of single folders with the same procedure. Hint: the folder “public_html” holds the files for the domain.

  •  You can now download the archive file to your locale PC:
    • click on the archive file right mouse button “Download” (files larger then 5MB need to be handled via FTP)
  – –

Be careful: the system will overwrite old archive files with new ones if the same location and the same name for the archive files is chosen!!!

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