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Change your hosting towards Servage

Tuesday, July 5th, 2022 by Helge

Do you plan to change your webhoster since you look for better or more suitable plans which fit your purposes which include the process of transferring/moving your files, database, emails to another host?  Great! If you decide to migrate to Servage, we putty_93813can offer plenty of help related to the migration – all of that support is included in your webhosting fee and comes without additional costs.

Usually your account has these 3 components:

  • Files
  • Databases
  • Emails

While we perform free help for your files and database, moving emails can be subjective.  We will look into that later. There are various ways we can transfer files over. Servage recommends these steps:

  1. Files
    Create a zip or tar archive of all your website files. You can ask your old host to create such an archive. Once done place the archive file in your document root folder or place it in any FTP account. You can give the Servage support the FTP details and we will download the files over to Servage servers and restore those for you.
  2. Database
    For databases, please create a .sql dump and upload it to your Servage account. We will restore them in your Servage account. Note that restore may change database names, and so you will need to update your config files. Servage can help you achieve that as well.
  3.  E-mail,
    We suggest you download your email via pop3 using mail client . If your old host supports IMAP, you can sync mails to new server using any mail client. That should transfer mails over.

While these are suggested methods to migrate sites over, there are other ways too if you are using CMS like WordPress. WordPress offers many plugins to migrate sites over. You can use plugins like ‘All-in-One WP Migration’ to create a backup file, upload it to Servage account and send a support ticket to us.

Plase don’t hesitate to contact the Servage support in case of questions, doubts or the need of hel. We are more then happy t assist you. Servage would be glad to restore it for you. This will restore both your WordPress files and database and get site up and running from the new server.

For more details and post-migration steps, feel free to contact our excellent Servage support anytime – you can create a support ticket via your Servage control panel or start a live chat via

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