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Google introduces new SEO ranking factors – these elements are important for your website

Wednesday, August 18th, 2021 by Helge

From May 2021, Google will evaluate 3 new parts of your website when they rank their search results. These three parts are called Core Web Vitals and are a new initiative from Google that wants to give website owners a more person-woman-desk-laptop-largeuniform guide to exactly which factors are important to focus on when it comes to user experience.

Your website will be evaluated on how long it takes for it to load, how fast the visitor can use / interact with the website and how much the content on the website moves or moves, read more about it below

First Input Delay (FID) – how quickly visitors can start using your websiteThe second factor is First input delay (FID) which means how fast it is possible to interact with the website. Say you click a button, FID measures how long it takes from when you click the button until the website starts processing the event and finally displays a result. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. The shorter time your visitors have to wait, the higher ranking points you tend to get. According to Google, your website should have a FID of less than 100 milliseconds for it to count as a good user experience.One of the things that can be done to reduce FID is to minimize your code and remove all unused code and features.


Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) – how many major updates are made to the website

The third factor that Google will take into account is the Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) which measures how many and large unexpected changes are taking place on the website and in its layout . Most of us have probably experienced that when you click on a button or link and at the last second it moves and you happen to click on something completely different. Frustrating, to say the least. A low CLS value indicates minor changes in the website layout and thus a better user experience.


A good user experience gives a better ranking at Google

Page Experience Ranking (assessment of user-friendliness) refers to the parts we just mentioned together with an assessment of the website’s mobile friendliness, if the website is secure, if the website has an SSL certificate and the proportion of intrusive content on the website.

Websites that show good usability should have a small advantage in Google’s search results, however, the most important thing is still that the website consists of good and valuable content. But when two websites show similar quality of content, the website with the best usability will rank higher in Google’s search results.


Largest contentful paint (LCP) – how fast your website loads

The first part included in Core Web Vitals is Largest contentful paint, which roughly means how fast your website loads and how fast the visitor can see the majority of the content on your website.

The loading time can be affected by many different things, but for the most part it is about how much content needs to be loaded. Try to minimize the number of extensions and plugins used, do not upload too large images or videos and make sure you have a good web host with fast servers.  There are usually many ways to  speed up a webpage. If you want to find out more, please contact our support.


Read more about Core Web Vitals

Google has produced a lot of good information about Core Web Vitals.

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