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Servage control panel – Sitebuilder Part II

Wednesday, July 14th, 2021 by Helge

designIn the last blog, we gave you a general overview about our websitebuilder. In this blog, we like to explain some features of that tool more detailed. However, in case of questions or remarks, you are of course always welcome to contact our support via ticket or live chat.

Start using the sitebuilder with installing it on one of your host. The guideline for that, can be found HERE. As soon as the installation is complete go to “Domains and Websites” -> “Sidebuilder” to find the “Admin” button. Push that button to enter the editor. In the design step you can adjust your template by selecting colors and fonts to use for your website. The changes is instantly updated on your site and you can change them back and forth as many times you like to. On the top, you find two taps (“Design/Style”, “Content Elements”). Push the tap “Design/Style”. A submenu opens which allows you to choose a basic layout. Each layout has a nice preview which helps you the choose the right one for you.


Screenshot_2019-09-27 Servage Sitecreator(1)


If you push the tap “Content Elements”, you can add Images, Videos and Widgets to your webpage.Please click to the sections to see the vast variety of options and tools:

Screenshot_2019-09-27 Servage Sitecreator


Important: The sitecreator website editor contains a built-in Help-Guide containing literally hundreds of pages of content and covering every single step of the website editing process. Searching for the step-by-step instructions is now hassle free. You find the help tool at the bottom/right side of your editor. The help button is labeled with a “?

Please note that you can everytime continue working on your pages. Just log in to your Servage hosting account and go to “Domains and Websites” -> “Sidebuilder“” again. For each sitecreator installation, you find the button “Admin” (to continue work on the page), “Delete” and “Upgrade“.


Screenshot_2019-09-27 Servage - Sitebuilder Sitebuilder 1000850

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