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WordPress command line – part II

Wednesday, June 30th, 2021 by Helge

In our latest blog (click HERE to read), we informed you about WP-Cli. We gave you a brief overview and an explanation how to use the WordPress command line in combination with your Servage Webhosting account.  binero-solutionsBasically, WP-CLI makes it easer to manage WordPress from shell. This is helpful if you want to do your tasks on command line and it is faster too.  Below  are some examples of what you can do with that tool. Please ensure that you run all of the following commands in the folder where WordPress is installed. You need to navigate to that folder in your SSH and run these commands.

  • To see WP-CLI’s online help at any time, type the following command:
    wp help


  • Also in order to view the online help for a specific WP-CLI command add help to it. For example, to view the online help for the ‘wp plugin’ command, type the following command:
    wp help plugin


  • To Update WordPress using WP-CLI type:
    wp core update


  • Whenever you update WordPress, you must also update its database. To do this, type the following command:
    wp core update-db


  • To verify the WordPress version that your site is running, you can type the following command:
    wp core version


  • To back up a WordPress database, use the following command:
    wp db export
    -> Note : When this command finishes, you have a .sql file that you can store in a safe location.


  • If you need to import a database into WordPress at some point, type the following command. Replace filename with the name of the database backup file:
    wp db import filename.sql
    -> Note : This command completely overwrites the existing WordPress database with the database contained in the backup file.


  • To see list of all plugins installed and also if they are updated, please use:
    wp plugin list


  • To update all of your plugins at once, type the following command:
    wp plugin update


  • To Verify plugin files against’s checksums. This is helpful to detect if plugin is corrupted or infected.
    wp plugin verify-checksums


We hope, these examples show you how useful Wp-Cli can be for WordPress admins. You find more commands you can use with WP-Cli if you click on THIS LINK. Just check it out and get a full overview!

In case of questions or remarks related to this topic or other webhosting related requests, please contact our 24/7 support via ticket (e-mail to or via our 24/7 live chat which you find on


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