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Create your own Facebook group to acquire new customer

Tuesday, May 4th, 2021 by Helge

If you so far “only” have a company page on Facebook, it is high time to explore the exciting world of Facebook groups. As human beings, we like to belong to something, whether it is a group of friends and family  members or a society based on common interests. Facebook groups help promote that sense of community on social media.startup-photos-large(1)

How can my company benefit from a Facebook group?

  • You will be in direct contact with potential customers. If a person chooses to join your Facebook group, they are definitely interested in talking to you or learning more about your company and what you offer.
  • You become more visible online. Facebook recently announced that content that is published in groups and that receives high engagement will be prioritized in the news feed. This means that if you regularly publish new content in the group that the group members interact with, it will have a positive effect on your organic reach.

Now that you know why it is a good idea to start a Facebook group, we want to share 5 tips to help you get new customers to the company.


Make every member feel special


Your team members are not just potential customers. They are part of your group and act as ambassadors for your company and brand. Show them that you value their membership by making them feel welcome and special by, for example:

  • Invite followers from platforms other than Facebook to your group via, for example, a link in the style of that leads to the group page. Share the link with everyone and also add it to your cinema on Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Welcome new members. It is difficult to keep track of each new member, but you can always publish a welcome post regularly (eg once a week) to make all new members feel welcome.
  • Share exclusive offers. Your Facebook group is more about engaging than selling, but it’s okay to share exclusive offers for your group members so they feel selected. Remember not to overdo it with promotions and offers – it can negatively affect your group and cause members to leave.


Keep track of the number of members and posts


Even though the group belongs to you, everything that is written in the group affects your company’s reputation. Even if you are not the group’s sole administrator, you are still responsible for ensuring that what is published has a good tone and a respectable level. A tip is to take a look daily to moderate the content, and to also:

  • Introduce a clear code of conduct. Set guidelines that all team members must follow, ranging from “showing respect for other members” to the format in which members should create their posts.
  • Use an application form with some basic questions that will ensure that only married people join the group. It is important that you keep the net role and cure out.
  • Remove any troublemakers who post offensive or inappropriate content. This is where the code of conduct helps you because it gives you clear reasons to remove someone without having to negotiate or explain.


Publish valuable content

How do you make sure that new members stay and even invite others to join the group? Well, you give them a reason to check in every day, whether it’s for entertainment, information, support or just to connect with others. The content you post should be valuable and in line with your social media marketing goals. Here are some guidelines to follow when deciding the content of your group:

  • Stand out from the crowd. Do you have a Facebook page that is separated from your Facebook group? Keep it that way and give your customers reason to get involved in both by posting different content in these channels. You can, for example, launch a new product on your site and tell the group about how the work went in your team when you together developed the product in question.
  • Do not keep it TOO formal, but consider your group as a school cafeteria where people gather to socialize while taking a break from lectures, exchanging notes and thoughts, and more. All your content does not have to be about your company, but you can clearly alternate with viral videos, posts on trendy topics, funny memes, inspirational articles and other things that you think your members will like.
  • Highlight your expertise. Even if the group should not be so salable, it is okay to highlight your expertise through content that aims to help and inform members. For example, if you are an accounting firm, you can create a post with tips before the declaration, or as a web agency, you can post a video on how to look at the latest trends this year.


4. Listen to your members


One of your members will probably ask questions about a certain product or function in the group and here there are several opportunities to benefit from, for example:

  • Complementary support. Your Facebook group can complement your customer support in that other members can also contribute their knowledge and experience. Use external tools such as Google Alerts to keep track of what is being said about your brand and then guide others in the right direction with tips and recommendations.
  • Feedback from users. Curious about whether your most recently launched product was a success or not? Do you need ideas for the next campaign? Your Facebook group is the best place to get genuine suggestions from real people. Membership is already tailored to resemble your target audience, so you do not even have to spend precious time on research.


5. Encourage community

Finally (and perhaps the most important purpose of your Facebook group): This is the place where people with common interests will gather to share their opinions and experiences, learn from each other and make new contacts. Take advantage of this opportunity not only to find new customers and get to know existing ones, but also to promote the community among the members. All the positivity that is generated spreads to your company.

  • Start a conversation by asking a question that you think people will like a lot, and then let the members lead the discussion. This gives them a chance to get to know each other and find things they have in common. As a fashion company, you can, for example, ask how people dress for a Zoom meeting when they work from home. This is not only something that everyone will relate to, you will also come across a lot of fun answers.
  • Join other groups that are related to your interests, become an active participant in them and create new contacts that you can then invite to your own group. However, make sure that you do not spam other groups with your own invitations.


In summary…

… We can state that Facebook groups benefit everyone. Your target audience finds good content to consume and people to get in touch with, while you find new leads and collaborations, get feedback from real users and bathe in the honor of having formed a community where everyone feels great.


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