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Free Hosting – Customer referral program

Tuesday, November 10th, 2020 by Helge

You are invited to join the Servage customer referral program. There is no need to register, every Servage customer who has a webhosting account automatically has access to the program. For each new customer you refer, White Gift Box with Gold Bowyou will  receive free hosting. It is easy to get started with the program and there is no limit to the free hosting you can earn:

For each customer  you refer and who buys a 6, 12 or 24 months Servage webhosting plan, we add free hosting to your webhosting account as well as on the new account you referred:

  • for the 6 months plan, we add 1 month hosting to your and to the account you referred
  • for the 12 months plan, we add 3 months hosting to your and to the account you referred
  • for the 24 months plan, we add 6 months hosting to your and to the account you referred

This is how it works: As soon as the new account is active, please contact our support via and let us know the below details for the  account you referred:

  • new account owner first and last name
  • new account contact email address (username)

We will then check the account and the details and add the free hosting.

If you should need further information or if you are interested in a special deal for referring new customers, please contact us. Just open a ticket via and get in touch with our customer care management.


As soon as the new account and the provided details are approved, the free hosting will be added. If the referred account gets closed within the first 45 days after the sign up, the referral program doesn’t apply and the free hosting will be withdrawn. For each referred account, the referral program can be used only once.



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