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Create professional email addresses that strengthen your brand

Wednesday, October 21st, 2020 by Helge

Regardless whether you run an established company or if your new business idea is still in the start-up phase, you can already put a serious stamp on your growing brand with professional e-mail addresses with your own domain name, eg . It gives a really good impression already at the first contact with your customers and strengthens your own brand instead of marketing other companies such as Gmail, Hotmail or similar “loan  HiRes kopia 4addresses”.

Create email addresses for your company’s employees with your own domain name. E-mail addresses such as info@ and give your customers and suppliers a professional impression of your company. Via Servage, we provide a complete hosting solution for either processional and private customers. Part of that package is, of course, an elaborated e-mail service. You can set up as many e-mail addresses you want and we have nice features for you which makes our e-mail services very convenient. All the features are easy to set up and administrate via the customers control panel. Here are some examples of the services, we offer:

  • Forwarder

Our system allows you configure an email address to forward copies of incoming emails to another address. Email forwards are used to dispatch incoming email messages to a group of recipients.

  •  Autoresponder

when you are on vacation or for some other reason can not keep track of your email. Then an automatic response will be sent to those who email you.

  • Webmailer

Read and send e-mail whenever and wherever you want from your mobile, the e-mail program on your computer or with the Servage webmailer where you can access your e-mail directly in the browser on any computer.

  • Catchall

You can s et up a default address (catch-all address) that receives any mail for an invalid email address for the domain.

If you want to learn more about our e-mail services or about Servage, feel free to check our HELPDESK. Of course also our 24/7 support is always ready to help. You can send a support request via your Servage control panel or via

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