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Statistics – Analyze your website traffic (WordPress)

Wednesday, August 19th, 2020 by Helge

Wordpress_analyticsIn the previous blog (click HERE to read), we gave you information about what Google Analytics is and how to implement it on your webpage.  Many of our user are using WordPress to host their content. Therfore, we like to give this extra blog about how to use Analytics with WordPress. Please read the following to get an overview about how to implement Google Analytics with your WordPress. There are basically two common ways in which you can integrate Google Analytics in WordPress:

Direct integration via the source code

Integration via a plugin – probably the best option for beginners


1) Integrate Google Analytics: The way via the source code

Fortunately, you do not need any programming knowledge to store the necessary tracking code from Google Analytics in the source code of your WordPress site. It is sufficient if you know where to look and where to copy the code. This is how you can find the Google Analytics code:

Create a user account with Google Analytics and log in.
Click on the tab labeled “Manage”.
In the middle column, click on “Tracking Information”
Here you will find the “tracking code” as a sub-item
Copy the code shown

You now have to integrate the tracking code on your WordPress website. There are two ways to do this.

On the one hand, the tracking code can be integrated into the footer. However, the code can also be integrated into the header of the page. This has no influence on the functionality of the website and the code.
If it is included in the header, the code is loaded right at the start of the page. Under certain circumstances, this can have a negative effect on the loading times of the website.
If the Google Analytics code is included in the footer, it will only be loaded when the entire page has been loaded.

How to integrate the tracking code in WordPress

Log in to WordPress as an administrator.
Select “Design” in the left navigation column.
Now select the sub-item “Editor”.
Now select the file “Header.php” or “Footer.php” in the right column. Depending on how you want to integrate the code.
Copy and paste the entire code snippet in front of the last two HTML tags in the file you have chosen (usually the code has to be inserted in the third to last line).
Save – this means that Google Analytics is integrated into WordPress.


2) Integrate Google Analytics via a plugin

The easiest method for beginners is to use a plugin. In doing so, however, you put yourself in the hands of the respective plug-in provider, which is why the variant via the code is generally considered to be more reliable.

A proven and free plug-in is, for example, “Google Analytics for WordPress”.
The integration is done with just one click – you will find the associated button next to the respective plugin.
It is important that you are logged in to WordPress as an administrator. Otherwise you can only download the plugin.

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