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Tools that help you animate with HTML5

Wednesday, July 29th, 2020 by Helge

HTML5 is often referred to as the Flash killer, and while it may be too much to hope for, HTML5 will certainly replace much of what Flash is used for today.
But for you as a web creator to have the opportunity to start working seriously with the new standard, it is necessary that there are good tools that make the work manageable.

Adobe themselves have of course realized that there is no point in clinging to Flash as the only alternative, but instead adapt to the future and continue to make money even after Flash ‘possible death ;-). They have therefore already presented prototypes of two tools that will help you create HTML5 experiences in a simple way:

Flash to HTML Converter is a tool for converting existing Flash animations to HTML5 completely automatically. With Edge, you should be able to create animations, transitions and certain logic using a simple interface. Everything is then saved in nice HTML code.

Of course, Adobe is not alone in wanting to win your favor when it comes to building HTML5 animations. The upstart Sencha was probably the first to come out with a sharp product when they released Sencha Animator a couple of weeks ago – but more are expected to come.

At present, HTML5 only works in Webkit-based browsers, ie Safari, Chrome, Android phones and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch). But the upcoming versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer are not so far away, and then all major browsers are on the HTML5 train.

* The term HTML5 is not completely correctly used above as it is rather a collection of techniques and standards that make the above possible. But in this post, for the sake of simplicity, it may act as a common name.

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