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SSH – some cool things you can do using putty or OpenSSH client

Thursday, April 9th, 2020 by Helge

With each Servage Hosting account, we offer one SSH account. SSH, or Secure Shell, is a remote administration protocol that allows users to control and modify their remote servers over the Internet. If you haven’t checked it out  yet, do it. It will be useful in many cases.

With this blog and the following ones, we will give you an overview of how to use SSH and what the advantages and benefits of that method may be.  ssh-icon-16

Here are some info how to use SSH via your Servage account:–SSH-account–How-To-Log-In-Via-SSH–Basic-SSH-Commands

However, this particular blog is rather about telling you about some cool things you can do in SSH using putty or OpenSSH client:

  • Change screen color :To change screen color please do the following :Click on the System menu at the upper left corner of the PuTTY window. Select Change Settings > Window > Colours. In the box that says “Select a colour to adjust”, choose your color and click the Modify Button. Slide the black arrow on the right up until you see a color that you like. Click OK. Perform the same steps for any new color so you can have a perceptible difference between the two. When you’re finished, click Apply.


  •  To change SSH default Font and its size in putty:Session > Window > Appearance > Font settings
    Click ‘Change’ button
    Here you can select your Font and its size
    Once done click ‘OK.


  • How to make Putty background white and foreground black:To reverse the default putty color setting:
    Click on change settings -> Window -> Colours in an already ongoing session or Load Session/IP click on Window -> Colours. Under Select a colour to adjust, select “Default Background” and click modify and scroll the bar on the right from bottom(black) to white (top). Click OK. Select Default ForeGround, click Modify and scroll the bar on the right from black(top) to bottom(white). Click OK. Select Apply.


  • File Transfers:The OpenSSH client comes with the file transfer programs sftp and scp. They use the SSH protocol so no additional software is needed on the server. With sftp you can browse the files on the remote system and upload and download files interactively. Scp is for one-off transfers, and works even with two remote hosts. For example:

sftp user@remote
scp user@remote:/path/to/source destination

# Copy ~/.bashrc from remote1 to remote2
scp user1@remote1:.bashrc user2@remote2:

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