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Archive for April, 2020

Servage control panel – control your DNS settings

Thursday, April 30th, 2020 by Helge
Screenshot_2020-04-30 Servage - Add DNS record 1000850A DNS record is a database record used to map a URL to an IP address. DNS records are stored in DNS servers and work to help users connect their websites to the outside world. When the URL is entered and searched in the browser, that URL is forwarded to the DNS servers and then directed to the specific Web server. This Web server then serves the queried website outlined in the URL or directs the user to an email server that manages the incoming mail. The most common record types are A (address), CNAME (canonical name), MX (mail exchange), NS (name server), PTR (pointer), ...

SSH – secure cryptology algorithms

Thursday, April 23rd, 2020 by Helge
lock_cury_2Here is another blog in our SSH series. This blog focuses on giving an overview of the  cryptology algorithms which is used by SSH. The encryption methods used by SSH can be broadly classified into 3 types: Symmetrical encryption : Here a secret key is used for encryption and decryption. Both the client and host use the keys. To decrypt the message one must have the key, which is open to anyone. The advantage is that we can encrypt entire communication between server and your terminal during the SSH session. The client and server derive the secret key using an agreed method which is kept secret between them. Asymmetrical encryption : Asymmetrical encryption uses two separate ...

SSH – Connect to MySQL through SSH Tunnel

Thursday, April 16th, 2020 by Helge
ssh-icon-16Here is the second part of our SSH series. Now, we like to describe how to create a tunnel via SSH to remotely connect to your database. This is one of many practical use of the SSH method. By default, the MySQL server listens only on localhost, which means it can be accessed only by applications running on the same host. Due to security considerations we do not allow connections to our normal MySQL server from outside our network. The negative impact it will bring to our customers is that (but on) can not connect to their databases via external software (eg MySQL Workbench) which is troublesome for many who prefer to ...

SSH – some cool things you can do using putty or OpenSSH client

Thursday, April 9th, 2020 by Helge
With each Servage Hosting account, we offer one SSH account. SSH, or Secure Shell, is a remote administration protocol that allows users to control and modify their remote servers over the Internet. If you haven't checked it out  yet, do it. It will be useful in many cases. With this blog and the following ones, we will give you an overview of how to use SSH and what the advantages and benefits of that method may be.  ssh-icon-16 Here are some info how to use SSH via your Servage account: However, this particular blog is rather about telling you ...

CSS Visual effects

Wednesday, April 1st, 2020 by Helge
This article focuses on 2-D varieties which  are supported on all major browser versions with vendor prefixes.css_html You can apply a transform to the normal state of an element and it will appear in its transformed state when the page loads. Just be sure that the page is still usable on browsers that don’t support transforms. It is common to pull out the transforms only when users interact with the element via a rollover or JavaScript event. Either way, transforms are a good candidate for progressive enhancement—if an IE user sees an element straight instead of on a jaunty angle, it’s probably no biggie. When an element transforms, its element box keeps its ...