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Local development with PHP and MySQL

Tuesday, December 17th, 2019 by Helge

newpic Developing quickly and efficiently is important to create value for your users. Having an environment which endorses swift programming and designing really helps you satisfy your customers better. So, how do you develop your web apps? Are you always working on the live code on the webserver? Or are you using advanced version control systems to roll out tested changes? Are you testing on a local machine, uploading your changes every now and then? Obviously there are some serious considerations and risk assessments to make. . However, this article wont judge your development practices. This one is about development on a local machine.

Server software

You need the proper server software on your local machine, so you can develop directly on your desktop or notebook. Online or offline. Usually the Apache webserver with PHP and the MySQL server software is enough. Depending on special needs, you might want more Apache modules, SSL capability, another database engine etc. It depends on your needs.

The easy way to start

ApacheFriends have created a product called XAMPP, which is a bundle of the needed software for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. Easy to install, ready to develop locally within minutes. Mac users may also consider MAMP. Essentially the same thing, done slightly differently by Appsolute.

Happy coding!

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