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Free icons for web developers

Wednesday, November 13th, 2019 by Helge

A website with no images would look quite dull, and making graphics from scratch can be a difficult task. Since not all developers are graphic designers, many free and paid icon sets and libraries haveicons become popular among front-end developers. They allow you to easily place a large variety of icons on a website. Here is a collection of such icon libraries that are popular among developers .


Glyphicons is an icon library that become popular with Bootstrap since it is built into the framework. Glyphicons has a special license that allows developers to use the Halflings icon set for free in their Bootstrap-powered websites. The Halflings set comes with over 300 icons for free under the open MIT license.

Glyphicons can also be used in projects without Bootstrap either by using the free set with less icons available or by purchasing one of the paid sets. It should be noted that the free icon set is released under a different license, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0, which requires you to have a link on your website to the Glyphicons website. However, the Halflings set is an attractive choice for projects using Bootstrap.

Font Awesome

Font Awesome is one of the biggest icon libraries out there. It is free to use under the MIT license and has almost 700 icons available for free. The icons are made with vector graphics, which makes them scalable with the built-in CSS classes that can be used to easily modify the size of all icons.

Font Awesome was also originally developed to be used with Bootstrap, although it supports almost any other framework. Font Awesome is free for both personal and commercial use.


Ionicons is a 100% free icon set also released under the MIT license. The set is primarily intended to be used with Ionic, a framework for building cross-platform mobile applications with web technologies like JavaScript. However, the icon set can also be used for other projects free of charge.

Open Iconic

As the name suggests, Open Iconic is an open icon library that uses the MIT license. The set includes over 200 scalable vector icons. What makes this set stand out from the others is its small size of slightly over 10KB, making it significantly smaller than many other icon sets. The icons in this library come in various image formats, even in PNGs of many pixel sizes.

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