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Archive for October, 2019

Is your website standard compliant?

Saturday, October 12th, 2019 by Servage
wc3Everyone who ever tried creating a website probably knows that annoying experience of HTML pages not being displayed the same way in every browser. Especially  older versions of browsers are having a hard time showing your site the way you intended it to look. The reason for this is browsers interpreting HTML code and CSS styles differently. In many cases this has lead developers to create workarounds, including the use of invalid HTML or CSS, to trick the browsers into displaying the content in a similar way. These issues are frequently discussed on the Internet, and a common interpretation of HTML and CSS across all browsers is unfortunately not in sight. However, there is ...

How to add links in HTML

Monday, October 7th, 2019 by Servage
If you’re creating a page for the Web, chances are you’ll want it to point to other web pages and resources, whether on your own site or someone else’s. Linking, after all, is what the Web is all about. There is one element that makes linking possible: the anchor (a). <a>...</a> Anchor element (hypertext link) To make a selection of text a link, simply wrap it in opening and closing <a>...</a> tags and use the href attribute to provide the URL of the target page. The content of the anchor element becomes the hypertext link. Here is an example that creates a link to the Google website: <a href="">Go to Google Home Page</a> Linking to Pages ...

New Servage Hosting account – Sitebuilder part 2

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019 by Helge
designIn the last blog, we gave you a general overview about our websitebuilder. In this blog, we like to explain some features of that tool more detailed. However, in case of questions or remarks, you are of course always welcome to contact our support via ticket or live chat. Start using the sitebuilder with installing it on one of your host. The guideline for that, can be found HERE. As soon as the installation is complete go to "Domains and Websites" -> "Sidebuilder" to find the "Admin" button. Push that button to enter the editor. In the design step you can adjust your template by selecting colors and fonts to ...