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New Servage Hosting account – Helpdesk

Saturday, September 14th, 2019 by Helge

Our new platform holds plenty of new features which didn’t exist in the old control panel. Of course, plenty of questions occur since the functionalities are implemented differently in the newScreenshot_2019-09-14 Servage Helpdesk control panel and some time is required to get used to that system. Servage created a Helpdesk with hundreds of posts to explain the new control panel and to show where you can find the functions. Our Helpdesk has step by step instructions, supported by screen shots directly from the Servage Webhosting account.

You find the Helpdesk on this URL:

On the dashboard of our Helpdesk, you find categories. When you click on the categories, you find the related posts which are organized in sub categories. Under the sub categories, you find the actual posts. Just click on a post to open it and to find a step by step guideline.

If you are not sure where to find your post, we offer a search function. Let’s assume, you want to know how to create a SPF-record for your domain. How to proceed? You can enter the query SPF and hit your return key.


Screenshot_2019-05-04 Domain – Servage Helpdesk(1)


You find now the results for all posts which are related to SPF:


Screenshot_2019-05-04 Search results – Servage Helpdesk


Just click on one of the posts to see the content of the post with a step by step guideline how to create SPF records

One hint for the use of the search function in the Helpdesk tool: If you are not sure what you are looking for, you can apply % before and after the query. For example %data% gives you all results which hold terms like “database”, “data” etc.

In case of further questions or remarks, please open a support ticket via your control panel or send a mail to or open a live chat via Our support is ready to assist 24/7 smiley

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