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New Servage Hosting account – Statisticsystems

Monday, August 12th, 2019 by Helge

Google Analytics vs AWStats

Via the Servage control panel, we give you the option to run several statistic systems to track the website activity of the users such as session duration, pages per session, bounce rate etc. along with the information on the source of the traffic. If you have any type of web presence or you do any type of Internet marketing you need to track your website traffic as well as measure the success or failure of your various marketini_00_Google-Analytics-and-AWStats-web-traffic-statistics-software_1440pxg efforts. Tracking the website traffic that a website generates can help a site developer decide how successful their marketing efforts are. There are different tools which provide statistics for those parameters in various ways. It can be very useful to check your website traffic statistics as you are working on growing your website popularity and reach.  You want to increase your website visitors and want to know which pages are getting the most attention, how your website visitors are finding your website – which search terms they are using and which website urls are referring them to your website, from which pages they enter into your website and from which pages they leave on your website, how much they stay on your website and how interactive they are on your website (pages/visit), and which countries your visitors are coming from, during what time of day.  You can get this info from both Google Analytics and your website server’s traffic statistics program, Awstats.

How AwStats and Google Analytics Operate

Though both programs display website statistics, the overall operations of each are different in the terms of operation. Though both Google Analytis and AWStats show website statistics, they are actually completely different in terms of how they operate. AWStats is hosted on your web server. To access the data, you normally log into the server’s web-based control panel (for shared servers) or you log into AWStats directly. Your web server generates and stores a log for every visit to each site that is hosted on the server. AWStats then processes these log files to generate its reports. That is why it is called a log file analyzer. Google Analytics, on the other hand, requires specific code to be loaded onto every page of your website. This code, which uses a combination of Javascript and cookies, notifies Google each time one of your pages is visited. Since it is possible for an Internet user to disable cookies and/or Javascript in their browsers, the code that Google Analytics uses sometimes does not get run and therefore those visits are not counted. Luckily, very few users browse with cookies and Javascript disabled. The biggest difference between the two is how they report page views. If you are using both AWStats and Google Analytics, you will soon notice that Awastats will reflect more page views than Google Analytics. The reason for the higher numbers is that AWstats detects search engine bots that access or crawl websites to learn more about content, link structure etc., whereas Google Analytics cannot detect this type of traffic.

What to do

We’ve shown several reasons why Google Analytics will differ from a log file analyzer like AWStats. Instead of focusing on the specific numbers, rather look at trends over time. If your AWStats numbers are moving upwards, your Google Analytics numbers will probably also be doing the same. If one particular page is more popular than others, this will probably reflect in both systems. Try to identify the trends and use this information to make decisions about your site.

How  to use the tools via Servage?

AWStats can be easily enabled via your Servage control panel for each host you run. Plesae check this following HELPDESK POST to find out how install and access the statics tool. Google Analytics need to be added by you to use that tool. Check e.g. THIS PAGE to find out to implement Google Analytics in your webpage. If you run a WordPress, you can also install Google Analytics. Please check THIS page to find out how.



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