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New Servage Hosting account – SSH

Friday, May 10th, 2019 by Helge

Screenshot_2019-05-07 How To Log In Via SSH

For each Servage hosting account, we are offering one SSH account. SSH stands for Secure Shell and is a way to log in to the server to be able to work directly on the server via text commands. When people refer to ‘using SSH’, they are referring to using an SSH client to connect to another computer’s SSH server in  order to remotely run commands on that computer. Any computer is capable of running both an SSH client and a server.

SSH has plenty of advantages, it allows the encryption of data so that those malicious would-be attackers cannot access your user information and passwords. SSH also allows the tunneling of other protocols such as FTP. You find more information about SSH e.g. on this PAGE

You find plenty of free SSH clients in the internet like e.g. Putty, Superputty, Kitty and many others.

How to use SSH with your Servage account? In the following Helpdesk post, you find the step by step guideline how you can create your SSH account:

Here is the post how you can log in to SSH:

We ask you to check also the other SSH related posts in our Helpdesk.





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