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Archive for May, 2019

XML-RPC – WordPress feature to watch out for

Friday, May 31st, 2019 by Helge
WordPress has long been offering built-in features that allow you to remotely connect to your site - of course, very smoothly and desirably when you do not have direct physical access to your computer. For a long time, the main solution to this was a file named xmlrpc.php - but in recent years the file has become more of a pest than a solution. xmlrpc-wordpress Now maybe your first thought is "xmlr ... what?" Don't worry, we'll go through everything you need to know, what the risks are and how to fix them on your WordPress site. What is Xmlrpc.php? XML-RPC is briefly a function ...

WordPress 5.2 is here – higher requirements for PHP versions

Thursday, May 23rd, 2019 by Helge
In the beginning of May, the latest WordPress version 5.2 or Jaco was released (named after the revolutionary jazz bassist Jaco Pastorius). In addition to the usual fine-tuning of security and stability, WordPress 5.2 also contains a lot of new useful functions.wp52betafeatured-180x180 Worth mentioning is, for example, that the WordPress team built on Site Health, a set of tools that focus on security and page speed introduced in version 5.1, with the site Health Check, which facilitates troubleshooting common configuration problems. Site Health Check also enables developers to more easily include debugging information for anyone who manages the site. There are also a number of useful news for developers, which you can ...

New Servage Hosting account – Back Up

Tuesday, May 21st, 2019 by Helge
Restore your files and databases Did you know that at Servage, we make all the backups on your files and databases available to you directly in your own home directory? If not, we definitely recommend you read this post!backuprestore Most have ever needed to recover data from a backup - whether it's your laptop that crashed, your phone's latest OS crashed, or an update of your WordPress made the page unusable. The third scenario is most common for our customers to have suffered (although we are sometimes consulted in the other examples also ). In this blog post we will go through three ...

New Servage Hosting account – SSH

Friday, May 10th, 2019 by Helge
Screenshot_2019-05-07 How To Log In Via SSH For each Servage hosting account, we are offering one SSH account. SSH stands for Secure Shell and is a way to log in to the server to be able to work directly on the server via text commands. When people refer to 'using SSH', they are referring to using an SSH client to connect to another computer's SSH server in  order to remotely run commands on that computer. Any computer is capable of running both an SSH client and a server. SSH has plenty of advantages, it allows the encryption of data so that those malicious would-be attackers cannot access your user information and passwords. SSH ...

CSS sprites are cool and useful

Thursday, May 2nd, 2019 by Servage
  How CSS Sprites Work There is an interesting story about Vilfredo Pareto, an economist who made an observation on the wealth of most of the nations in UN and found that 80% of the wealth of a nation is in the hand of 20% of the people in that country. This became famous as the 80/20 rule in the economic world there after. In our computing world especially in case of web development and web developers who are focusing on performance optimization technique this same rule is working for the code. There are only 20% codes, which are consuming 80% time of the client-server interactions. This is particularly true for http requests. Us web programmers are ...