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How to build a successful site for e-commerce

Saturday, March 9th, 2019 by Servage

webshopE-commerce is quickly turning into a must-have for modern businesses. And why shouldn’t it when it’s relatively cheaper than selling products at a physical location, always having to worry about rent for your shop and a whole lot of others expenses. With an e-commerce business you can basically sell anything, no matter how big or small. And if you have good suppliers, you don’t even have to worry about having too many items in stock or running out of stock. With good managerial skills plus the right marketing and conversion funnel you can actually run a successful business where items sell themselves.

Which other crucial element does your e-commerce business depend on, other than your managerial skills and marketing efforts? The obvious answer is: Your website! If you were one of the first people to get into the e-commerce business because you saw its potential, then good for you! We just hope you’re not just going to rely on loyal customers and experience if you want to stay in business. Technology is advancing everyday and we are all becoming more tech savvy, inseparable of our smartphones, tablets and laptops and eager to shop online because of lack of time and because it’s just simpler that way. So, are you prepared for the high expectations of your online clients? Below are some of the things you can change on your ecommerce website to improve your chances of becoming successful.

Mobile optimized website

This cannot be stressed enough. There’s a difference between having a website that’s optimized to work on different devices or screen sizes and having a mobile version of your website. Of course, for an e-commerce website the best option would be to have a mobile version of it, that will offer at least the same quality experience as the desktop version of the website, or, you can even go a step further and create a mobile app. And if you’re thinking about an email marketing campaign or sending out some newsletters with your latest deals and offers, not having a mobile responsive and easy-to-use website is a huge mistake. With almost 50% of all emails being opened on a mobile device, being mobile responsive is a “must have” in the mobile e-commerce world.

Quality photos and illustrations

Depending on what your products are, the quality of your images can actually make or break your ecommerce business. Online shops that sell clothes, bags, shoes, accessories and other products that fit in this category are in desperate need of quality images in order to make a good impression. Preferably even 3D visualizations or other tools to inspect a product before purchase.

Offering deals and discount

It is like we’re genetically programmed to take advantage of discounts and sales and buy all sorts of things, even if we don’t need them. As long as they’re on sale, we definitely made a good purchase, and there will come a day when we will need that specific item. So, every e-commerce business owner out there should take advantage of this as much as possible . Make sure your deals are properly displayed on the homepage, and maybe in the related items section. And if you feel it’s something you can do, throw in free shipping or maybe a gift for a minimum amount spent. That will definitely increase customer satisfaction and maybe generate more sales.

Clean layout and nice colors

Pay attention to your layout and the colors you are using and make sure your visitors benefit from a pleasant experience browsing your website. Product categories should also be very clearly defined, with some filters they can use to narrow the search. This will make people keep coming back, and even recommend your website to other people.

Great service

Some of the largest and most popular online stores today are not just having the right price or marketing trick down their sleeve. They also offer great service, providing even dissatisfied customers with a good experience. Generous return policies and quick service handling can greatly impact your results.

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