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Archive for November, 2018

Use pre-made CSS animations with Animate.css

Sunday, November 25th, 2018 by Servage
animate-cssAnimate.css is a CSS library that allows you to animate elements on a web page. It is very easy to set up and provides dozens of premade animations for you to use, such as bouncing, sliding and fading animations. Another great thing about Animate.css is that it does not use any JavaScript for animations. Everything is done with CSS in a single file. Setting Up Animate.css As promised above, setting up Animate.css is simple. You only need to include one CSS file that you can find on the official website: Click the download link, save the file and include it in your HTML file using a <link> tag. Here is an example: ...

Build an interactive feedback form with Javascript

Sunday, November 18th, 2018 by Servage
javascript-codeListening to feedback of users is important. The tool we are going to explore this time is not a typical feedback form. Instead, it allows visitors to give feedback interactively. Users can highlight areas or elements on a web page they need help with, write a comment to describe their issue or question, black out sensitive information and finally, send the feedback or support request. Initial Setup and Requirements We will achieve the above features with a tool called Feedback tool by a GitHub user JoeyAndres. This tool was previously abandoned but JoeyAndres forked the project to create a maintained version, so thank him for being able to use it. The Feedback tool depends ...

What is object-oriented CSS?

Sunday, November 11th, 2018 by Servage
css3Object-oriented programming is a common practice in many programming languages. It helps you with the DRY principle (don’t repeat yourself) by allowing you to repeatedly use code from a single code base. How would applying the paradigm work with something other than a programming language, like CSS? Let’s find out how CSS can be written in the same way and what are the benefits of doing so. The Two Principles of OOCSS Object-oriented CSS (OOCSS) is built upon two main principles. Firstly, content should be separated from containers. If content and its container are not tied to each other too closely, it allows you to reuse the containers for different types of content ...

Build A Toolkit To Help Define Your Web Design Style

Sunday, November 4th, 2018 by Servage
In order to get good conversion rates and positive user experiences, user interface design is vital. Let’s take a look at some practical ideas to do that. Single Column Layout The first consideration in user interface (UI) is the page layout. In our previous web era, we were free to try various options for layout and among them, multi-column approach was common, since we then wanted to use screen space at a maximum level. Now, with mobile web, we are restricted to single column layout since panning on hand held devices is not advisable, along with the scrolling involved. With finger gestures, a visitor feels a natural ease and ...