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Migration & actions required from customer end

Sunday, October 28th, 2018 by Helge

As informed, we are in the middle of moving our customers to our brandnew platform. The new platform comes with a new control panel with plenty of new features like e.g. SSH access, back up options and much more. Also, the hardware is brand new and meets highest requirements.  Manywiki customers are already moved, the other ones will follow within the next weeks. How does the migration work? In the beginning of the migration, you will get a first mail. When the migration is finished, you get a second one. In both e-mails, you will find important info about the new system. Also, some actions are required from your end to make sure that the services will keep running without interruption. So, please read the migration e-mails thoroughly and keep them as reference.  In the following helpdesk post, we made a summary of the actions required from customers end to ensure that everything works fine after migration:

Please note that also our customers Helpsystem is new. We introduced a new Helpdesk with a large amount of posts, info and documentations about the new system. Please take your time and take a look around. The procedures in the new Helpdesk are described step by step and come with plenty of screenshots which makes it easy for you understand the new system:

Please use the search function in order to find the right post.

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