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Great WordPress plugins enrich your site

Tuesday, October 16th, 2018 by Servage

wordpress-pluginThe WordPress content management platform is one of the most popular and most widely adopted systems among web publishers. The users include everyone from amateur hobby site owners to professional publishing magazines. The WordPress system provides the foundation for a really great website, suiting almost any need you might have.

One of the great advantages of WordPress is the easy and straightforward scalability of features through plugins. You can easily extend the core WordPress functionality even as a novice user, and this is really convenient. Rarely the basic WordPress system fulfills all of your needs, so using plugins is something you will likely need some time. This post has aggregated a few plugins which give great advantages to you.


This plugin provides intelligent anti spam protection for your site. It even does so without necessarely using the common CAPTCHAs available on so many other sites. Use this plugin to prevent spam content and comments on your site.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Search engine optimization very important and the Yost SEO plugin helps you write better content for specific keywords. It forces you to provide SEO data and tries to help you improving your content for that purpose.

Google Analytics

Many sites use Google Analytics to track their visitors, marketing etc. Using the Google Analytics plugin and Google Analytics Dashboard plugin you can easily integrate analytics tracking into your website, and even get a quick overview of the basic statistics and user data right from your WordPress dashboard.

Editorial Calendar

The editorial calendar gives you a great calendar-based overview over your publishing schedule. This is a great tool for an alternative way of viewing when you publish content, instead of the regular WordPress table view.

Duplicate Post

This plugin provides a very convenient command to be able to clone an existing post. This helps if you need to create something similar to a previous post, and simply makes the process of copying the content faster.

Organize Series

The series plugin helps you markup multiple post as part of a series and handles them easier. It makes is easier for users and visitors to see posts of the same series and discover content like that.

There really are numerous plugins available for WordPress out there, and it is hard to tell which ones help your exactly. However, the plugins above should provide a general impression of the vast and different needs that can be fulfilled using plugins. Most plugins are free, but some are commercial. However, most commercial ones work with a license model where basic features are free, and only more complex business features are at a premium. That information will be available from the publishers site.

When working with plugins please have in mind that it is third party code, and therefore a minimum of care and attention should always be paid to what you install. Generally you should be able to trust plugin developers and their most often brilliant plugins, but have in mind that you are letting others place their code in your hosting account. Common sense will get you a long way.

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