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Enrich your WordPress site with a modern theme

Tuesday, October 9th, 2018 by Servage

Wordpress-ResponsiveHave you ever wondered how you can get started with an own website in a quick and easy way? Or maybe you already have a website and wish to have a better, less time-consuming, and more easily changeable system?

Over time WordPress has evolved to a super stable and super versatile platform. Used by millions to power their blogs, websites and even complex apps, WordPress has great capabilities today which make many of the traditional custom web development work obsolete for smaller projects. You can literally drag and drop websites together using systems like WordPress – and the right themes. The latter is where you can greatly set your work apart from other websites and competition.


WordPress does come with pre-installed themes, but they are not really impressive. When searching the web you find many free and premium templates available for WordPress and other systems. Many of these themes have themselves evolved into small design frameworks, including all kinds of visual elements, and allowing you to customize pretty much every aspect of the design. This is a clever move by theme designers, because it allows you to stick with a template over a longer period of time, because publishers are releasing updates and design becomes easier to change. You can follow the trend so to speak, and therefore you do not have to redesign your website every time trends change a little bit.


Responsiveness is also added to many templates nowadays and has become the most used standard for mobile websites. When you have build your site responsive you can change design elements, color etc., but the responsiveness preserves, thus the investment in your site gets a longer lifetime.


There are many good examples of themes that provide the benefits and capabilities mentioned above. One specific example is The Optimizer theme. It is nice because it offers great design, it is free (with limited features), and has the following features:

  • Live editing of your site content.
  • 3 different sliders.
  • 10 frontpage elements to create variation.
  • 6 menu styles.
  • 5 different blog post layouts.
  • 5 different page layouts.
  • Customer support for the theme system.

The above are just a few of the many features listed, and they illustrate the amount of flexibility you get with themes, so you can get started quickly and easily using your Servage web hosting account and WordPress.

Keep up to date

If you have a WordPress site running, maybe even with a professionel theme, then remember to keep your system up to date. The WordPress installation itself needs regular updates to stay up to date with features and security. Themes can also receive regular updates which further improve the capabilities, or even adapt to new design trends. Especially if you have advanced themes that hook into the WordPress core, you need them to stay updated to avoid potential security issues.

Staying up to date is also very important when it comes to security fixes. WordPress is a widely used system, and therefore security issues are found and exploited on a regular basis, rendering unmaintained WordPress installations potentially open for abuse.

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