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Efficient web-based project management

Wednesday, August 8th, 2018 by Servage

You probably know the hazzles of project management. Always trying to maintain the big picture, understanding the milestones and goals for the project, collecting information aboutproblems, solutions and progress. Some people keep all this stuff in their head, and the edge of explosion, some people use notes, some use Excel, some use apps. Some use great apps that really make your project management easier.

There quite a few project management apps out there. Some free, some commercial. I’ve choosen two that I would like to present, because I think they can help you with your project management in an efficient way. One paid, and one free alternative.


37Signals’s Basecamp is one of the major players in terms of project management software. With a prooven concept, lots of features, and many many users, Basecamp has established itself as one of the best web apps for this purpose. It is available for free for 1 project, and starting at 24$/month with 15 projects.


This is a free alternative, with similar functionality. Freedcamp says “For many years the web has lacked a solution to free project management – specifically for small businesses, start-ups, students, or people who just love to collaborate on ideas. With Freedcamp we offer an unlimited user and unlimited project solution for everyone, completely free, forever. By offering an amazing web application we believe there will finally be a standard in project management.”

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