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Blueprint CSS Framework makes CSS styling easy

Monday, May 21st, 2018 by Servage

The last post about nicer forms introduced some simple CSS tricks to get nice looking forms. It also mentioned the Blueprint CSS framework, which is pretty nice. Blueprint is basically just a set of stylesheets (.css files) that you can include in your website to get certain default design and layout functionality.

Why is this great?

You often want to do similar things with your web projects in terms of design. Blueprint offers help with exactly that. It makes your standard pages look good, and gives you a great starting point for further customization. It’s much better than using the various browsers’ own default styling.

The features

  • CSS reset of styles to avoid differences between the display in different browsers.
  • Simple and powerful grid system that allows complex grid structures.
  • Nice looking and professional typography based on expert principles.
  • Great form styles for various user interface design.
  • Print styles for printer-friendly display.
  • Plugins for own functionality like buttons, tabs, sprites etc.
  • Tools, editors, templates to optimize your workflow.

How to get started

Simply visit the Blueprint website and get their current release of stylesheets, then include them in your website. This already gives you the powerful functionality of Blueprint.

If you want to have a look yourself, before you get started, then check out the demos.

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