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Lightweight CMS for your websites

Monday, May 7th, 2018 by Servage

PulseCMS is a lightweight content management system for small websites that just need basic features – which are most of the sites out there!

Core features

PulseCMS is easy to install. It only requires a PHP webhost like Servage. No database is required because the CMS works with files alone. This improves performance.

Rebranding and localization are possible, so you can even let your customers work directly on their own websites. Good for international users or if you are a web agency

Content editing works with editable blocks defined in the HTML templates. It includes a simple WYSIWYG (What your see is what you get) editor for content manipulation.

There is a function to create image galleries directly from the backend, including a multi-file upload browser and a filemanager, to stay organized with files for the given website.

Publish the site, or parts of it, as a blog, including RSS feed functionality with SEO-friendly URLs to maximize traffic.

Adding a contact form to the site is a snap. No coding required.

In case you have a problem, the developer offers good support for the CMS.


PulseCMS is an interesting little CMS tool which satisfies the needs of most small websites, while being extremely lightweight, intuitive and having the ability to get things done. Pulse-Basic with some of the mentioned features is free. Pulse-Pro cost 19 USD.

Lightweight CMS for your websites, 3.4 out of 5 based on 10 ratings
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Is this a alternative to Flyspeck…?

I’m more a wordpress guy – beats even SharePoint in fast-ness

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