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GeoIP Security

Sunday, April 8th, 2018 by Servage

geoip_wildcardsThe ServageĀ  GeoIP Security supports the use of wildcards to allow IP ranges in addition to specific IPs. This means you can allow entire blocks of IP addresses with one setting, instead of having to add each address individually.

What does the GeoIP Security feature do?
It enables you to restrict access to login to your Servage account based on the user’s country or IP address. You find it in the control panel at “Your Account > GeoIP Login Security”.

Allowing specific addresses:

Allowing address ranges:

12.34.56.*    This allows any address starting with 12.34.56
12.34.*          This allows any address starting with 12.34

Allowing countries:

Simply select the countries in the drop-down menu that you wish to allow logins from.

This should make it easier for you to maintain your GeoIP Security rules.

GeoIP Security , 4.6 out of 5 based on 18 ratings
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Nice, only i miss the function to login without disable the geoIP, so i can login only one time from my work with a link from a email

Great idea!

Yeah, I have mine limited to Australia, since I travel a lot in-country. Stops all those nasty European hackers from getting in. :o)

HI:) Love it, had mutch trouble with turkish hackers :)

Just got an email saying someone in Thailand got blocked from logging into my account. GeoIP is really nice.

However, it would be _really_ more helpful if the email told you whether the password entered was correct. Personally, I would really like to know whether someone was just trying something simple like “password” (don’t include the password in the email, of course, just whether it was right) or if they actually knew my password. ;)

Good idea. Something like instead of “someone tried to login from thailand” we could write “someone tried to login from thailand with an incorrect password”.

Great Feature. This will increase Servage’s Security for Account Holders :)

Can you make an API for webmasters, to use this feature on thier sites?..

GeoIP is really nice more security for my accounts

Great Feature for the security of my accounts

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