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How Many Websites Are There In The World?

Thursday, March 15th, 2018 by Helge

According to the Netcraft  Web Server Survey  the number of websites grew within the the last four years from 861,379,152 to now 1,805,260,010 (plus 110%). The giant among the domain name extension is .COM (>82 million), followed by .DE (13 million), and .CN (12.55 million). The whole top ten can be viewed here . However, not all domains are active. According to estimations, about 75% of the existing domains are not connected to active websites. Such domains are usually either parked or simply not active. Of course there are some giants out there which dominate the internet. Only to mention some: Yahoo was launched in 1997, the page Google was launched in 1998 and became soon the largest search engine. Wikipedia came online in 2001. YouTube arose in 2005 and Tumblr in 2007. Servage, your webhoster, was founded at an earlier stage of the internet and came online in 1998.

While the number of websites grew, also the number of internet user grew. Today, there is an estimated number of 3,100,000,000 people using the internet! In the year 2000, it was “only” 660,000,000 – that is a plus of 470%!




How may the internet look like in the future, though? Considering the presented numbers, it is likely that the number of domains, webpages and user will grow even further. A prediction of the future is of course always hypothetical and even a bit science fiction but still interesting to consider. Here are some future views presented in a readable and entertaining way

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