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Best IDEs and editors for web development

Saturday, March 11th, 2017 by Servage

code-editorA code editor is one of the most important tools of a web developer. It can save you from excessive typing, logical code errors, typos and can provide suggestions for better code. Therefore, you should pay attention to your code editor of choice. We have collected a list of IDEs and tools that are often preferred by professionals as well as editors that were the most popular in 2016.

PhpStorm and WebStorm

These two development environments are commonly found in companies. PhpStorm is a great choice for PHP development while WebStorm is targeted for JavaScript developers. Both of them also support HTML and CSS, and PhpStorm also supports basic JavaScript. Both of the IDEs are based on the IntelliJ platform by Jetbrains, which makes them very similar to each other.

These IDEs are not free but both come with a 30-day trial. In addition to this, they can be used for free by students, teachers, in open source projects and discounts are available for certain user groups, such as startups. Even though these IDEs come with a subscription-based price tag, they are well worth the price.


Sublime is a proprietary and paid source code editor. Sublime is not an IDE but it comes with many features and a possibility to extend them even further with plugins. Sublime supports many languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. The editor itself is coded with C++, which makes it lightweight and fast. If you do not have a powerful development machine, Sublime might be a good choice for you.


Atom is a code editor similar to Sublime. They even resemble each other quite a bit. As with Sublime, Atom supports a wide variety of plugins to customize the development experience and to add support for additional features. One of the main differences between Sublime and Atom is the price: Atom is free and open source. Atom is created with web-based technologies, such as HTML and JavaScript. Perhaps this is why the performance is a little weaker compared to Atom, which is written in C++. However, because Atom is free, you should give it a try if you haven’t done so yet.


As the name suggests, Notepad++ could be considered an improved version of the classic Notepad on Windows. It is suitable for many things, even coding, although you will not see it used by enterprises very often. According to the Stack Overflow developer survey, it was the most popular code editor in 2016. Notepad++ can be used for free but is only available on Windows.


This is probably something you did not expect to see on this list. Vim may seem like a basic non-graphical text editor from the 90s, and this is exactly what it is. However, being highly customizable, it is possible to make Vim a significant contender for other popular IDEs. Speaking of popularity, Vim was the fourth most popular IDE in 2016. One feature that makes Vim stand out from others is the wide support for keyboard shortcuts and macros.

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