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Security feature GeoIP Security

Thursday, January 5th, 2017 by Helge

Unfortunately it is a fact that security threats are a reality on the Internet! To address these and to make your hosting package even more secure, servage_lockwe haveĀ  GeoIP Security added to each Servage account. This feature enables you to prohibit possible intruders to gain access to your account based on their geographic location or IP address. You can enable GeoIP Security in the control panel, where you also have the ability to specify specific countries and IPs to allow access.

How does this work? Whenever someone tries to login the user is verified against our database to identify if that particular user is allowed to login from that particular geographic location or IP address. We also created an email interaction that allows you to log in should you accidentally lock yourself out of the control panel.

I suggest that you enable GeoIP Security for your account today!

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