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Use a customer persona to understand your users better

Tuesday, June 28th, 2016 by Servage

customer-personaCustomer persona, also called buyer persona or marketing persona, refers to creating a fictional character that bring together all the characteristics of your ideal customer. Creating a customer persona is an important step in determining your target audience, not only because it provides a lot of insights on your audiences’ demographics and interests, but also because it can hold the key to how you can promote your brand and product online in the most effective way, using the right channel and approach for your website, social media ads etc.

Set your customer persona apart from the competition

Creating an effective customer persona doesn’t refer to simply writing down in a persona template information about age, sex or purchase patterns. Just think about the fact that your competition is probably crafting the same customer persona as you are, because you are in the same industry, have similar products and pretty much target the same audience. So what sets you apart from your competition, if you are targeting the same people? The key to actually benefiting from creating a customer persona lies in the way you interpret that information and the way you advertise to that fictional character you’ve just created.

Bottom line, to create an accurate customer persona you need to do some research and ask the right questions to the right people through interviews or surveys. Conducting interviews will help you find out more about your potential client’s background, temperament, level of curiosity, behavior and interests. Of course, you will also need to determine more general aspects like age group, sex, education level or income, but what you really should be interested in is interpreting answers to questions which don’t have a clear and simple message. Answers like “I’m 30 years old, I’m a college graduate and I make $30.000 a year” are pretty straight forward. Remember that your competition has the same answers, so until now you’re not actually finding anything new.

When you’re done with the interviews and you have the answers to all your questions, give that fictional customer a name and a face. This can actually help your marketing efforts more than you think, as it turns all of those details into a real person.

Consider to have multiple customer personas

Depending on your business industry and the type of products you are selling, you can have more than one customer persona, and it’s ok if they are completely different. If your online shop sells both strollers and skateboards, then you can create a customer persona for soon to be moms and one for young people or teenagers interested in buying a skateboard. And just like you’ve figured out what the characteristics of your “ideal customer” are, you can also create a “negative persona” that will tell you all the particularities of the people you don’t want as customers. If you know who not to target, this can actually save you time and money and allows you to focus on the people you can convert into customers.

Real or not, as a business you still need to impress that “persona” and find the best way to convert him from a potential client to a loyal customer. All that valuable information a marketing profile gives you becomes useless if you don’t find the right way to take advantage of it.

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