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Why web developer is a great job for the future

Monday, April 18th, 2016 by Servage

wed-designerThere was a time when being an architect or an engineer was the most desirable job of the moment. Building a great building to carry your name or a bridge to help a city develop and expand were actual historic moments that everyone remembered. Back in the day, there was just one obvious answer to a question like “What is the highest building in the world?” and everyone knew it. Now, you have to take some time and think about it, because things are evolving so fast that you might just get it wrong.

Moving to an all-online globalized world

So, what is the most desirable job right now, and which one will it be in the future? It’s pretty clear that technology is in a continuous progress and there’s no telling when it might stop, or if it ever will. Everything is slowly being transferred to the online world, from shopping online to Internet banking or even communicating. Recent studies have shown that in 2015 there were around 3 billion (42%) active Internet users in the world, a number that increased by 21% (525 million) compared to 2014. And all of this while the total population of the globe increased by only 1.6 % (115 million) in 2015, compared to 2014. If you think about it, if in just one year the number of Internet users increased by 21% compared to the previous year, what will happen by 2020?

Coding skills are beneficial

One thing is clear; we will become more tech savvy and more preoccupied with how we can use the Internet and our mobile devices for our everyday needs, and that’s just one of the reasons why learning how to code and becoming a web developer is the perfect job for the future. It will not only provide financial stability by allowing you to get a good-paying job in a respectable company, but it can also open a lot of doors being an entrepreneur with coding skills.

With the risk of getting too excited about the benefits of becoming a web developer, one thing remains certain: for the near future and also the foreseeable one, coding skills are a must-have. But how do you acquire them? No one said is going to be easy, so you can either go to school, or you can dedicate your time to learning on your own, using online courses. And don’t worry, there are a lot of resources out there that can help you to become a great web developer.

Web developer is a great job

Coding skills can also bring a lot of other benefits with them. You can become a freelancer and work from the comfort of your home, or from a beach on a remote island. All you need is a good Internet connection and you’re all set. You will also be able to make better decisions, based on your ability to analyze data, make logical connections between real-life variables and to solve problems by finding the best possible solution. It will enhance your creativity and drive you to overcome your limits by becoming a better programmer and a specialist. So yes, being a web developer is the perfect job for the future and you should not hesitate in becoming one.

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