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Why people do not like your website – and how to fix it

Monday, March 21st, 2016 by Servage

web-designEver felt like your website isn’t the best version it could be? Do you find yourself wondering why your bounce rate is so close to 100%? Then it’s probably time to rethink your website design and the user experience your website is providing, because something is definitely not working out and it’s causing your visitors to run for the hills. Here are 5 reasons that might cause your visitors to leave your website in a rush and why you can’t seem to convert leads.

Your website is not mobile friendly

We get it: when you launched your website a long time ago, being mobile friendly was not the number one priority and you never really considered it to be a very important aspect. However, you should probably know that nowadays most people use mobile devices for their Internet related searches. Do you really want to take the chance of losing more than half of your visitors because of that? The best thing you can do is to make sure your website is completely responsive on all devices and will work perfectly on any screen size.

You have too many pop-ups

If you think big flashing pop-ups are the key to making users subscribe to your newsletter, liking your Facebook page or paying attention to an advertisement, you should know that’s probably one of the worst strategies for achieving all that. Most people are bothered by pop-ups and are more likely to leave your website because something interfered with their user experience. To fix this and to make sure Google doesn’t penalize your website, you should consider making sure the ads are not too obvious in a disturbing way, have an appropriate size, and are easy to avoid if a user shows no interest in them. Another thing you should keep in mind before displaying a pop-up should be the time period someone has spent on your website, or if that person followed certain steps while navigating your website or reached a specific point that shows clear interest.

Your website is very slow

Technology is constantly evolving and we’re always on the move, always ready for the next best thing. So what happens when your website takes too long to load? Users instantly lose interest and move on to the next website that can keep up with their needs. Studies have shown that the maximum amount of time users are willing to wait until your website loads is 3 seconds. After that, more than 40% of them will close your website and probably never come back again. You can check your site’s speed using free online tools, and if you feel like it’s something you don’t know how to fix on your own, contact a specialist that can identify the source of the problem and help you fix it.

You have videos or music that plays automatically

Even though an auto play video is used as a marketing strategy for capturing someone’s attention, the irritation that it’s causing will most likely make you lose one visitor after another. Same thing applies to auto play music that is impossible to mute, especially if the user has more than one tab opened and he can’t figure out where that annoying sound is coming from. If you really want to stick to this auto play tactic, at least consider muting the video or the song until the user shows real interest and clicks on it.

Your website is too crowded

This can actually mean a lot of things, and every one of them can give a user the feeling it’s time to move on to a different website. Probably the one thing you should always keep in mind is balance. Don’t display too much text because no one will have the patience to read it (unless it’s an online book of course), and try to use a clean layout and the same height between elements to create some sort of symmetry. A busy background will distract the user’s attention and might even cause him to miss what he is looking for. Maybe he was just looking for your email address, a contact form or the price for one of your products, but he saw so many things at once that his eyes got tired and just decided to close your website. And last but not least, don’t make the users feel like they need sunglasses to stay on your website, so don’t mix-up colors or abuse strong colors (use colors like red for call to action buttons like “Buy” or to get the user’s attention and make him look where you want to).

Remember that fixing all these little things and making the right combinations can be the difference between converting a lead into a user, or a visitor simply ignoring your site and going away.

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