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Snap tool makes working more efficient

Thursday, February 11th, 2016 by Servage

better-snap-toolAre you also one of those computer users who ends up with way too many open windows? Do you know the situation where you are loosing track of which windows you have and where they are? Do you find yourself dragging your windows around a lot, to make room for other windows, to get a better overview, or to work across multiple open windows at the same time? If you are recognizing some of the just mentioned issues, then you will likely be very happy to know that there is relief available.

Many developers work like mentioned above, and thankfully BetterSnapTool helps you out in these situations. It enables you to drag windows to the edge of your screen and thereby achieve some preconfigured sizing of the window.

Snap to the left and right side of the screen

For example you could drag the window to the left edge of the screen, where the tool automatically makes it use the left half of the screen in width, and full height. Dragging another window to the right edge of the screen, automatically resizes it to the right side of the screen, thus giving you two perfectly aligned windows, each using exactly half of the screen size. This is super useful when working in two windows at the same time.

Snap to the top of the screen

Another useful example is dragging the window to the top of the screen and thereby automatically resizing the window to full width and height. This is not the same as full-screen, which in Mac OS also changes dock and top bar availability. Therefore the full size option of the snap tool is also very handy.

BetterSnapTool is a little piece of software for Mac users, which integrates with the operating system nicely. It places itself in the top bar, form where you can easily change the settings. It also automatically starts with the computer if your like, so you have the tool available any time as a part of your system without having to start it manually.

Snap tool makes working more efficient, 4.7 out of 5 based on 6 ratings
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