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Learn more with Laracasts

Friday, January 29th, 2016 by Servage

laracastsLearning new programming languages and systems can be quite cumbersome. Back in the old days it came down to actually reading documentation and struggling through sample code. You could slowly form a working script by partly trying yourself, and partly cutting and pasting examples together. This way of learning to code is very hands on, but extremely slow. You make many mistakes that need correction, which is done with time consuming documentation reading. Thankfully today many developers benefit from better and more modern ways of learning how to code. There are also online code schools where you are taken through various tutorials with on-screen help and coding tasks. This way of learning involves the same steps and hands on experience as before, but makes it so much faster to get to the “Aha” moment where you actually learn something. The good pace also helps keeping the motivation up, and therefore you can feel that you learn a lot in a short time. Such success experiences will make you hungry for more, and soon you are a good programmer in a new programming language.

If you are working with web development you probably know PHP. It is one of the most widely used server side scripting languages. If you are new to web development, then please search for relevant tutorials or online schools. There are plenty.

Netflix for developers

In this article we present Laracasts, which is an online service offering video based learning for Laravel developers. They call it “Netflix for developers” themselves, and to some extent they are right. You have a lot of on-demand tutorials available that take your through both simple and complex tasks in Laravel coding. The target audience are PHP beginners and experts alike, who wish to learn more about the Laravel PHP framework at different levels.

Video tutorials are effective

The video demonstration proves to be a very efficient way of learning to code and how to solve problems in Laravel. You see exactly what the demonstrator does, which has a wide range of benefits. Obviously you will learn about the given topic of the video, and that is the primary goal of each session. However, you also learn a lot subconsciously from the presenter by following the persons’ actions. The way the presenter works, the software the presenter uses, the naming conventions, the way of thinking in the underlying Laravel structure, and much more. By observing you simply catch so many details that benefit you later on, which would not be there by following a text-based tutorial.

I would recommend that you browse around Laracasts for a while and maybe start watching some of their videos. They can be inspirational and helpful at the same time, even if you do not have a specific problem to solve right now. It can help you later.

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