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Vue.js is a super simple alternative to heavy Javascript frameworks

Saturday, January 2nd, 2016 by Servage

vue-jsWhenever you build a website you eventually run into the considerations between back end and front end. What should happen server side, what should happen client side, and how to interact between the two. Nowadays it is common practice to think in apps and APIs even for websites. Instead of simply rendering HTML and content on the server, we are seeing websites that move the entire HTML building into the client. They are so-called Javascript applications, or web apps, or a similar expression covering the principle of building a browser-based stand-alone application, which is loaded once, whereafter page-loads are not occurring in the traditional sense. Instead the application switches views, builds and removes HTML, loads data from a back end, and changes the content of the browser window.

Working with traditional Javascript frameworks

Getting into this way of developing your front end quickly shows the need to use a framework, because you end up with the same issues as you have likely experienced in the back end: You reinvent the wheel again and again, unless you use a framework. By today there are frameworks for almost any purpose, even building Javascript applications. Some of the major and noteworthy ones are Angular and Ember. Both are great frameworks. Both are large frameworks with a lot of functionality and often a steep learning curve. However, this is where Vue JS comes into the picture. Vue is a simplistic Javascript framework for the more simple tasks you want to perform when building interactive websites. It comes from the community behind the popular Laravel PHP framework and has been developed out of a need to simplify the Javascript side of things. Most other frameworks are too heavy, and sometimes you just do not want to build an entire Javascript app for one simple little purpose. You may, however, wish to build intelligent Javascript app-like functionality in parts, and Vue helps you brilliantly with this.

The advantages of Vue

Vue is simple, and like other Javascript frameworks it requires just a bit of HTML & Javascript knowledge to get started. It is a compact framework with a little footpint in terms of script filesize. Vue lets you build functionality in small components and executes fast. The browser performance is great. Lastly Vue is easy to install via packages from major systems.

Altogether Vue brings a lightweight version of the heavy-duty Javascript frameworks to your project, and may be the right choice for you, if you just wish a bit of the grand Javascript app capabilities, or maybe have an existing old-school web site you wish to gradually move into the modern web.

Vue.js is a super simple alternative to heavy Javascript frameworks, 4.6 out of 5 based on 5 ratings
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