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Happy Holidays & Great New Year

Thursday, December 24th, 2015 by Servage

Happy_HolidaysWe at Servage wish everyone happy holidays and a great new year. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for being great customers, and we hope you are getting the best out of your Servage products. At this timeĀ of celebration across the world, we hope you all have a good time with the people important to you, and may be able to put aside the everyday duties for just a little while, to enjoy the moment. We also wish you all get a great start into the new year 2016 and will be enjoying your Servage products throughout the year. Remember to contact us if there is anything we can do better, or if you need help. The best way to do this, is by submitting a support request via the control panel.

Summarizing the year in a little different way than the regular web hosting and design talk, please consider the following list of cool little gadgets. Maybe as inspiration for a late Christmas gift or as a must-have for the office next year.

In recent years connected devices have become increasingly popular, and the so called “Internet of things” is moving into the presence of most. Therefore we have seen a focus in gadgets getting traditional devices connected to the internet, allowing for remote control, surveillance or other network based functionality.

Connected lights and switches

There are a few connected lighting systems available by now. One of the better ones is the Philips Hue system, which provides a range of bulbs, lamps and remote controls. Furthermore the whole system is API based, which allows developers to build apps to create effects and otherwise control your lights. If you do not have it yet, then try it out at a store near you. The light and capabilities allow for many cool and useful settings.

SmartĀ home appliances

Brewing hot coffee, tea or other beverages has been around for ages, and smart appliances have been in the works for a while. However, finally the really smart machines for home and office use are coming out with an affordable price tag. For example the iKettle or Smarter Coffee are two machines helping you with a bit cooler ways of brewing your hot drink.

Connected batteries

There are plenty of other small gadgets in the internet of things, but one super useful one is a connected battery which sends notifications whenever it needs recharging or replacement. This functionality is not only convenient, but also helps increase safety. E.g. when using batteries in smoke detectors.

There are plenty of more or less useful devices coming out all the time. For web developers it is cool to see that many of them are powered by open APIs, so you can actually programmatically engage with your devices and integrate them with your web solutions.


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