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Aggregate content from social media

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015 by Servage

social-aggregationBuilding content is crucial for many websites nowadays. If you run a blog with primary income from advertisements, then you need to attract new and recurring readers every day. If you run an online store selling products, then you need to attract customers and funnel them through to a purchase again and again. Even non-commercial sites wish to spread their message and need to generate and optimize their content to spread their messages.

Own content vs. aggregated content

Generating own content is the best and most original way of building your site. This works well if there is often something new or noteworthy to write about. Entities that have events on a regular basis can always write about that and generate news-like content, and companies with ever changing products can keep consumers up to date and bloggers are in constant search for the next hot topic.

Search engines significantly reward original content, because if you are generating a lot of frequently visited content, then you have a very good and relevant website. However, original content is not the only factor. E.g. content frequency also matters, which is were content from social media comes into the picture. While maybe this does not play a large role for search engine optimization, it does still affect your visitors. I.e. if you have a news or blog article, you can support its relevance by adding discussions, comments or similar content from social media. If you run a business you can include content with reviews or references to strengthen your appeal.

Get content from social media

There are many ways of using content from social media to underline the original content you have produced. The general advantage is that such content usually gets produced in masses, is free, and creates trust. The opinion of others is the best free marketing you can get.

You can implement aggregated content from social media in different ways. Most platforms have APIs ready for you to work with. This gives you the advantage of an automated integration with continous updates. You can aggregate content by searching and importing it with your own system, or you can use widgets. The first solution is better for actually using the content on your site, whereas the last solution is more a quick way of getting started. However, it works fine for getting preset streams or integrations. For example getting all comments for a given article. So using free content aggregated from social media sources can be a major benefit for you.


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