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Web developer conferences 2015

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015 by Servage

conferenceDevelopers are often smart people who have the ability to understand and learn complex issues quickly. They can adapt and apply new knowledge fast, and thereby continuously stay on top of the technological development. Many developers are even self-taught by spending hours with online resources, tutorials and other educational material. However, there is only so much you can learn by yourself while keeping a good learning curve. When you reach a certain level, then new knowledge comes slower and the horizon starts to become fixed. Therefore networking and sharing knowledge with others is a great way to keep in touch with the technological forefront and continuously challenge yourself to take in new trends and technologies.

Many people work in teams and have some kind of knowledge sharing/exchange going on already, but even for those – and especially for single developers – joining developer conferences is a great way of expanding the horizon from time to time. You will not only get insights into new and interesting topics, but also create social connections that might last a lifetime. The following gives you a few ideas about what is going on in 2015 (and there are many more, if nothing of the listed suits you).

jQuery Conference 2015, Oxford, March 6

The jQuery Conference is for serious Javascript and jQuery developers who wish to share and take part in the continuous development with those two technologies. Situated in England this conference is available to most European developers with a relatively short travel time.

CSS Conf, Melbourne, March 26-27

The CSS Conf is taking place in the Melbourne Arts House and will be interesting for web designers who work with HTML and CSS. Expect detailed information and speeches on various styling related topics. It is worth traveling far for this if you are highly specialized in CSS – and for anyone else who may be a bit closer and generally interested in web styling.

Ski PHP, Utah, May 7-9

The Ski PHP conference at Utah Valley University is placed together with the Open West Conference, and therefore suitable for attendances of both. Also like the name states, the Ski PHP conference is trying to facilitate a little physical activity in combination with the traditional conference indoor activities.

JavaScript Day, Verona, May 13-14

The JavaScript Day in Verona is trying to make peace with a quote stating “The World’s Most Misunderstood Programming Language”. JS is a great language with many capabilities and advantages. The conference is for anyone who would like to boost their JS knowledge and collaborative network.

PHP Day, Verona, May 15-16

The PHP Day in Verona is a great opportunity for European developers due to its placement in central Europe. It also gives JavaScript Day attendees the option to stay for a few more days diving into the PHP world, since the PHP Day is following right after the JS Day.

CakeFest, New York, May 28-31

The non-bakeoff, high-nerdstuff CakeFest is focusing on the CakePHP framework which is highly adopted throughout the web community. This conference is a great option for serious CakePHP developers to engage in productive collaboration and sharing about the framework development.

IPC, Berlin, June 7-11

The International PHP Conference in Berlin is a traditional PHP conference that has been around for more than a decade, featuring serious and high-quality PHP knowledge and expertise. This is definitely a conference for anyone serious about general PHP development, and attractive to most Europeans due to the central location.

Laracon, Louisville, August 18-19

The Laracon is a specific conference for all the many adopters of the relatively new and highly popular PHP framework Laravel. The conference is a great possibility for all Laravel developers out there, to meet, greet and share with the Laravel experts available.

If none of the above events suit your needs, schedule or wallet, there are plenty of alternatives available to you – big and small, close by and far away. There is no doubt, that broadening your development horizon will make you a better and happier coder. And who says you cannot have a little fun in the process along the way?

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