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Web design trends to watch for 2015

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014 by Servage

design-trendsIn this post in time for the new year celebrations for 2015 you will find a list of trends to watch out for next year. These are the sum of hot and popular topics right now, which will be decisive factors for the success of future sites and web projects. There is a plenitude of important factors when building web sites and apps, so bear in mind that there are likely many more important factors. However, getting ready with the following topics should take you a great deal of the way.

To be or not to be responsive

Responsive design has dominated design discussions and trends for a while now. The web industry has come to a point where not being responsive is just no longer an option. Users expect it. Some time ago users gladly found a responsive site to be nice and new, but largely accepted traditional, non-mobile-optimized sites being the standard. This has changed and users demand responsiveness.

Focus on typography

Web designers across the globe have upped their game to a level where competition takes place at a very high level. It used to be some few trend setters paving the way for everyone else to follow, but now every kid at home can build impressive results. This is good because it drives competition, but it also means that you have to be on top of design trends. Using the right typography and making use of it in smart and good looking ways is no longer a gimmick. It is a requirement to catch the users’ interest.

Huge background illustrations

We have already seen many sites boosting large background illustrations of high-resolution images or even videos. This effect makes sites look very modern and beautiful, so it is generally believed to be one of the main design trends to follow with responsive flat design in the coming year.

Improved grid layouts

Grid layouts with fluid container-like elements showing content nicely for casual browsing on any device are growing in popularity. Used by Pinterest and many others, this is becoming a standard for illustrating media-rich content. Content is still king, but design matters more and more. Make sure your grids look good.

Mature flat design

The flat design concept has been around for a little while now, and it appears to get mature and broadly adopted at a very high pace. In the beginning there were a few different approaches to it, and variations quickly formed. However, as it has matured and received greater adoption it has also shown a specific direction in what is good and bad flat design. You should consider keeping up with this trend to give your users a feeling of your site being up to date.

Different may be good

All the trends mentioned above take the general assumption that the mass of web designers go down a similar path, because they assume that the bulk of users want the same or similar things. That being said, there should be plenty of room for being different, and customize your solution not only to your needs, but also to an own interpretation of the current trends. Copying the others’ may take your somewhere, but making something truly astonishing and different on your own, is what will set you apart and subsequently likely also drive your success.

Have these notes in mind when starting the new year of web design. Good luck and happy new year!


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